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Leah Cross - Artist Statement


I am a mixed media artist currently working in encaustic collage and ceramics.  Incorporating found and natural materials I create dream-like landscapes of color and texture inspired by life’s cycles.   These works reflect the intrinsic grace of the natural world while posing questions about our place within it. Some pieces address my concerns about human impacts and climate change.   I reference both the strength and delicate nature of the environment and its inhabitants.
I’m drawn to the natural beauty and richness of the surface that the bee’s wax creates in the encaustic medium. The physical process of melting, layering, embedding objects and images and fusing it all together again is a perfect match for the themes of my work. I use an earthy pallet, found objects, repurposed magazine scraps, and sewn and cut paper to create a balance of texture and color, with both realistic and fantastical elements.

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